Episode notes
Hey, guys I know I was supposed to do a September 11th episode this week, but we had an interview with a whistleblower but we had to reschedule. This is originally a Patreon episode, so if you are a Patron, I apologize and we owe you an extra episode. On this episode we discussed the tragedy at S-ndy H--k and some of the interesting revelations that still have not been answered to this day. Wolfgang Halbig did an interesting documentary on some of inconsistencies of the tragedy. There are a lot of questions about what happened in New Town that definitely need to be answered. Was there a drill gone live on the day of the shooting? Why did United Way create a donation for victims three days before the shooting? Was there crisis actors? Did any kids actually die? Sean and Adam dig into some of these questions we are not allowed to ask.Do us all a favor ...   ...  Read more