World Trade Center Building 7 #84

Con Men Podcast by Sean Anchondo

Episode notes

I know what you are thinking.... yes we have done an episode on WTC Building 7, but I don't think we did a great episode on it...until now. Back when we did the episode we were only a few episodes in and I don't think the show was as polished as it is now. This version of Building 7 is much more in depth.

For anyone who doesn't know about Building 7 on September 11th, it was the third building that collapsed in Manhattan on September 11th (I know about Building 6, before you guys start messaging me on Instagram!).

The official story is the building collapsed because of fires. Many skeptics believe it was a demolition including many in the scientific community. There are witnesses that claimed they heard explosions in the building, but that was left out of the official September 11th report done by NIST.

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