San Diego Urban Farming and Growing Seed with Javier Flores

Community Ag Project by Emily Davis

Episode notes

Hello and welcome back to the Community Agriculture Project Podcast.

In episode 5, we welcome Javier Flores, a farmer based out of San Diego. Javier got his start working in his local food system at the Wild Willow Farm and Education Center, and now works with the Seeds@City Sustainable Agriculture.

We discuss Javier’s transition into working in the food system and finding mentors in the agriculture space. We talk about the developing community at Seeds@City and around Javier’s work in general. We also get into farming seed vs growing food, Javier’s vision for his local seed bank, and gardening at the Tijuana River Valley Community Garden space.

Javier shares the key values that he holds while in farming/education spaces, and the rituals that keep him grounded in his work.

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