Agroecology and Ferments in Borikén with Ian Jiménez Barreras

Community Ag Project by Emily Davis

Episode notes

Hello and welcome back to the Community Agriculture Project Podcast!

In episode 4, we sit with Ian Jiménez Barreras in Borikén aka Puerto Rico, and discuss his navigations of experiential learning in his field, finding his agroecology community, and his experimentation with ferments and Korean natural farming.

We cover his background, goals and intention when it comes to agriculture, and understand how he got started working with the land in Borikén. He gives us insight into his learning process for developing living soils, including being self taught through books, attending intensives led by Chris Trump, and experimenting with different ferments with the locally abundant resources of the island.

We hear from him about his shifting community throughout his learning journey, and how those community shifts le ... 

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