Episode notes

Welcome back to the Community Agriculture Project!

In episode 9 we talk with Christine and Adam of The Groovy Veggie Farm. The Groovy Veggie Farm is currently operating in Jefferson, NY. However, Christine and Adam have much more to their story and what makes their farm operate the way that it does today.

I met Christine and Adam in 2020 at Rainshadow Organics in Sisters, Oregon when they were working for the Rogue Farm Corps. From there, they continued farming in the Methow Valley and established The Groovy Veggie Farm in 2022. They moved from the Methow Valley back to their home state of New York.

The Groovy Veggie is still producing incredible and high quality fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy products from their goats. In this episode we get to dive into some of the philosophy behind Christine and Adam’s work, as well  ... 

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