Minisode #2 - Climate Technology: Drought & Food Monitoring Systems and Vertical Farming

Community Ag Project by Emily Davis

Episode notes
Hey everyone! Ethan here. Welcome to the second episode of my minisode series for the Community Agriculture Project! To briefly introduce myself, I am a current high school student passionate about environmental justice and law. In the first recording of my minisode series, I delved deeper into my personal experiences in the agricultural and environmental field, so I recommend you listen to that to learn more about me! In this episode, I would be discussing different technologies created in response to climate change and how they relate to the way we adapt our agriculture practices. I am so excited to share what I’ve learned with you all.If you wish to contact me regarding this episode, you can do so at my email: ethanliu75@gmail.comOther resources from this episode:Cover image:  ...  Read more
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