Colton Corner

by Colton Corner

Lisa Green '24 interviews different students and faculty from the Lafayette College community and discuss faith, spirituality, and their thoughts about religion.

Podcast episodes

  • Prof. Christopher Phillips

    Prof. Christopher Phillips

    Prof. Phillips, head of the English Department, tells the deeply personal story of how his identity as a Presby-Catholic came to be, featuring his interfaith relationship, grief journey and how politics impacted his choice of place of worship.

  • Ernest Jeffries

    Ernest Jeffries

    Dr Jeffries, inaugural VP of Inclusion at Lafayette College, discusses his life working in higher education and different churches all while raising a very close, tight knit family!

  • Sarah Moschenross

    Sarah Moschenross

    VP Student Life Sarah Moschenross chats with Lisa about her evolution from growing up very connected to her church to discovering a new form of spirituality in her more recent years!

  • Mark Sapara

    Mark Sapara

    New Associate VP Student Life Mark Sapara joins Lisa in a very special interview discussing his incredible connection with his grandparents, his involvement in each denomination of Judaism and how his relationship has changed with his faith throughout every phase of life!

  • Rabbi Jessica Lenza!

    Rabbi Jessica Lenza!

    Colton Corner is honored to welcome Rabbi Jessica Lenza (Lafayette Class of 2005) as she tells her story of converting to Judaism, her passion for music and theater and her incredible journey to becoming Rebel Rabbi, the Rabbi for the Rest of Us!