KU Leuven internal Interviews (Carl Bourgeois)

Collective 1030 by An activist group of architecture students, educators and practitioners

Episode notes

We also had the pleasure of having an interview with Carl Bourgeois. He is one of the key figures within the Faculty of Architecture and has experienced the integration from start to finish. Carl was able to answer our questions from his experience as an ex-vice-dean. In this way, he has been able to present a number of fascinating answers that create a better picture of his vision on education and how architecture education works.

While he was vice-dean, he was also a lecturer. In this way he saw how things were going in practice and not only through policy. "I don't believe in an ideal educational system," Carl says. He adds: "You learn to design by yourself and as a school, you can only support that process."He says that as a vice-dean he mainly had to mediate. So above all listening to all partners, discussing and negotiating. "I believ ... 

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