On temporary occupations - Communa

Collective 1030 by An activist group of architecture students, educators and practitioners

Episode notes

In this episode "A Just Radio" elective investigates the beginnings of Communa, and highlights their sites and their just practices in urbanism around Brussels.

Communa is a non-profit organization that is committed to a more affordable, more democratic, more resilient and more creative city. While temporary occupation is their main tool, they are also developing other concrete proposals to deal with the commodification of urban spaces.

Episode produce by:

Angela Mahouli

Atikarn Bamroongvuth

Anıl Ege Şireli

Edited by: Rosie Romero

architecture design justicewaiting spacesa just radio electivecommunity makingshare housingtemporary occupationsmarginalised communitiescommunity trust