CloudTech Talks

by Amadis Technologies

CloudTech Talks, the podcast where we explore all things related to cloud technology. Join us as we delve into the latest developments and trends in cloud including topics such as cloud FinOps, migration strategies, and more. Each episode features expert guests from the tech industry, who share their insights, experiences, and practical tips to help you navigate the complexities of the cloud. We'll also discuss real-world us ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Breaking into Cloud - The Non-Technical Perspective

    Breaking into Cloud - The Non-Technical Perspective

    Ever thought of switching from non-technical background to cloud finops and worried about the success? You can win undoubtedly. Hear it from Donal who has proved it already. Discussion covers, Donal's fascinating journey from finance to cloud How non-technical professionals can offer unique perspectives to the cloud conversation Impact of macro-economic trends on cloud spending accountability and the rising phenomenon of cloud repatriation Top 3 tips for acing the FinOps certification exams

  • Strategies for Multi-cloud cost optimization (Part 2)

    Strategies for Multi-cloud cost optimization (Part 2)

    Hear what Erol has to say in Part 2 of strategies for multi-cloud cost optimization, Real world examples of successful multi-cloud cost optimization, Serverless computing, Edge computing, AI-driven cloud computing - Erol's take

  • Strategies for Multi-cloud Cost Optimization

    Strategies for Multi-cloud Cost Optimization

    Don't miss to check out on this insightful episode on multi-cloud cost optimization featuring Erol kavas, Director, EPAM Systems. He addressed, Key drivers behind rapid multi-cloud adoption Challenges in multi-cloud cost optimization Importance of centralized cost managment and governance policy Effectiveness of resource tagging and organization

  • Gamification in Cloud FinOps

    Gamification in Cloud FinOps

    Implement Cloud FinOps with a touch of Gamification. Listen to the full episode where Brian McCumber, a cloud finops leader, shares his thoughts on, Challenges in motivating Engineers to take meaningful action A case-study on gamification for finops A brief on his recent book - "Gamification - How to host a finops hackathon?"

  • Decoding Cloud Unit Economics

    Decoding Cloud Unit Economics

    Pankaj Bajaj, Certified FinOps Professional from HashiCorp in this episode briefs about, Cloud Unit Economics in simple words Significance of cloud unit economics in IT operations KPIs of cloud unit economics Use case of cloud unit economics Cloud unit economics implementation challenges and its future scope