Made in the Catskills: New York City's Famous Water Supply

WJFF - Close to Home with Leif Johansen by Leif Johansen

Episode notes
New York City's water is internationally renowned for its crisp freshness straight from the tap. Pizza shops in California and Florida have it shipped thousands of miles at great expense just to make the perfect slice. And it all comes from the Catskills. In this episode of Close to Home, New York City Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Commissioner Paul Rush talks about the fascinating history and record-holding engineering of the Catskill and Delaware Aqueducts - the system in the Catskills that carries a billion gallons of fresh water nearly 100 miles to New York City every day. Deputy Commissioner Rush also provides an update on the ongoing work to repair leaks in the Delaware Aqueduct; a hundreds-of-feet-below-ground problem that has necessitated its own feats of ingenuity over more than a decade just to fix.