WJFF - Close to Home with Leif Johansen

by Leif Johansen

A twenty-something armchair policy wonk born and raised in the Catskills is heading out into the world, and he's got a lot of questions. In this podcast from WJFF Radio Catskill, we'll take a deep dive into the institutions in upstate New York that are at the foundation of our community and explore how they work (and how they sometimes don't). We'll sit down with educators, farmers, public servants, artists, business owners, an... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E01 - Let's Talk about the Weather

    S03 E01 - Let's Talk about the Weather

    Eight-time Emmy-nominated meteorologist Joe Rao drops in to give us the rundown on why we've had such weird weather lately, how the weather-forecasting industry has changed over time, and what we can do to prepare for weather-rela...

  • Season 2

  • S02 E15 - The Bashakill

    S02 E15 - The Bashakill

    Jackie Broder from the Basha Kill Area Association and the Mamakating Environmental Education Center and Samara Ferris from the Bashakill Vinyards stop by to celebrate the environmental and economic significance of the Bashakill W...

  • S02 E14 - School Mergers

    S02 E14 - School Mergers

    In this episode, we tackle an issue impacting rural communities with declining populations nation-wide. Superintendent of the Livingston Manor and Roscoe Central School Districts John Evans drops in to talk about the effort to mer...

  • S02 E13 - Hunting

    S02 E13 - Hunting

    Is hunting on the decline in New York? Are we managing the deer population? New York State DEC Game Management Section Head Jeremy Hurst drops by to give an update on the state of hunting in our community.

  • S02 E12 - The Sullivan County International Airport

    S02 E12 - The Sullivan County International Airport

    Our local airport caters to the wealthiest members of our community. So why do we all pay for it? Leif has his first in-person CTH interview with Sullivan County Airport Superintendent James Arnott, and learns a thing or two about...