Ep 2. In Praise of Cetaceans with Marine Connection and WDC

Clean Sailors podcast by Clean Sailors Crew 🌊

Episode notes

There are few things more spectacular when out on the water than sighting dolphins and whales. These awesome creatures aren't just profoundly intelligent, they keep the balance of many of our global ecosystems in check.

In this episode, host Holly is joined by Liz Sandeman of Marine Connection and Katie Dyke of WDC, to discuss the important of whales and dolphins - from their personalities to the alarming impacts we are having on these ancient species, and how us sailors, seafarers, mariners and water-appreciators can help safeguard their future.

For more about Clean Sailors, Marine Connection and WDC, see the links below:

Clean Sailors: https://cleansailors.com

Marine Connection:

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