Clean Beauty Over Coffee

by Marie, Doris & Rosie

Clean Beauty over Coffee is a sit-down chitchat about all things natural and clean with regards to lifestyle and wellness. We are three culturally diverse women with a passion for healthy lifestyle, and above all, want to invite regular women such as ourselves to feel included in our discussions on various clean beauty topics. We will also be featuring guests and experts in different fields.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Podcast Short - Traveling Skincare Tips Everyone Should Know

    Podcast Short - Traveling Skincare Tips Everyone Should Know

    Hello, natural beauties!If you are about to travel, or are planning a trip in the near future, do not miss this episode! It is short and sweet, and packed with tips to maintain healthy, glowing skin while you’re on the go. Some of the tips we already know, but we need the reminder to avoid falling in the trap of "travel shortcuts" which may harm our skin.. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee and - Cheers!

  • Podcast Short - Is CBD Worth the Hype?

    Podcast Short - Is CBD Worth the Hype?

    Hey, natural beauties! Welcome to today’s chill podcast short all about CBD. We’re taking a look into what all the hype is about with CBD, from calming anxiety, to improving your skin barrier function. CBD is incredibly promising! We’re going to discuss what CBD is, Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD, CBD benefits for pain relief, skincare, anxiety, and in treating certain illnesses. So grab your coffee, and tune in. Cheers!

  • Our Experiences with Food and Our Health

    Our Experiences with Food and Our Health

    Hey, natural beauties! Welcome to Clean Beauty over Coffee. Today’s episode is a podcast short, where Patty, Doris, Rosie, and I (Marie) chat about our experiences with food impacting our health. From improving our eyesight to improving attention in our children. Do you have a similar amazing story where food has improved mental and/or physical health? Grab your coffee, and tune into this week’s short podcast. Cheers!

  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

    Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

    Hey, natural beauties!Welcome to our newest episode of Clean Beauty over Coffee, where we like to discuss matters pertaining to health and wellness, beauty, and of course, coffee. Today, we have essential oil specialist Catalina Delgado-Pedraza with us. Catalina has about 23 years of experience working with Just Essential Oils, and has seen first hand the incredible benefits derived from aromatherapy and application. From helping soothe physical ailment flareups to alleviating symptoms of mental health issues. Aromatherapy has a place in everything we do. Interested in learning the basics of essential oils and aromatherapy? Grab your coffee, and tune in!To register for the event, please contact Catalina directly at her phone number. Phone: 832-483-6787Email:’Instagram: @catalinadelgadojust

  • Glowing skincare tips you wish you knew sooner, from a Professional Aesthetician

    Glowing skincare tips you wish you knew sooner, from a Professional Aesthetician

    Hey natural beauties!Welcome back to CBoC, this week’s episode is full of skincare tips and treatments that are NATURAL, and incredibly effective. Patty Balbuena, professional aesthetician who focuses on natural skin treatments, discusses a basic home skincare routine that keeps your skin healthy and glowing, coupled with information on treatments like deep hydration, thorough exfoliation, chromotherapy, radio frequency, and more professional treatments you probably haven’t heard of - I know I haven’! It’s compact with great advice and information on different beauty and skin health treatments to keep your skin youthful, radiant, and at peak health. If you’re interested in anti-aging and reducing sunspots, this is a must listen to! Grab your coffee and tune in. Cheers!This week's freebie is a Papaya Face Mask.Patty's Natural Skincare Studio in Houston, Texas.