Classes of Mail

by Alan Gegax

Make yourself discipline proof! This podcast is dedicated to educating City Letter Carriers on all the things you forgot from Carrier Academy. We'll go over basic procedures and regulations, and dive deeper into how the mail system actually works. I do not speak for the USPS, this is not an official USPS podcast, and all opinions and advice are my own. Submit feedback, questions, or topic suggestions to

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • ELM 514 to end of 500s

    ELM 514 to end of 500s

    This episode covers the provisions for LWOP, the qualifications and definitions for FMLA, and includes a big section on administrative leave. We'll learn how court leave works, how the Post Office handles it if an "Act of God" prevents you from coming to work, and what you get paid if you die or get dismembered while you work at the Post Office.

  • ELM 510 - 513 SICK LEAVE

    ELM 510 - 513 SICK LEAVE

    This episode is a MUST LISTEN! It covers the rules surrounding the use of sick leave. When do you need documentation? What counts as documentation? For what purpose is sick leave issued? What happens if management just sits on my 3971 and doesn't sign off on it? For all these answers and more, give it a listen.

  • Why Am I Doing This

    Why Am I Doing This

    In today's episode, I wax philosophical about why this podcast exists. I talk about the benefit I get out of these episodes, and the benefits I hope YOU get out of these episodes. I also list a bunch of other NALC podcasts that I listen to and recommend.

  • ELM 435 to 490

    ELM 435 to 490

    In this episode, we'll learn about all the awards the Post Office DOESN'T GIVE OUT to carriers who do a great job. We also learn about back pay, travel pay, training pay, and garnishments. Be sure to point your supervisors to Section, so they can refresh their memory on all the awards they can give to us carriers.

  • ELM 432 - 434

    ELM 432 - 434

    This episode covers different types of premium pay, including: out of schedule, holiday, overtime, penalty, Sunday, and night. Make sure you're getting all the pay you're entitled to!