Classes of Mail

by Alan Gegax

Make yourself discipline proof! This podcast is dedicated to educating City Letter Carriers on all the things you forgot from Carrier Academy. We'll go over basic procedures and regulations, and dive deeper into how the mail system actually works. I do not speak for the USPS, this is not an official USPS podcast, and all opinions and advice are my own. Submit feedback, questions, or topic suggestions to

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Staying Organized on the Route

    Staying Organized on the Route

    Staying organized is critical to your success as a letter carrier. It makes the day go smoother, and it helps to cut down on mistakes. I'll talk about some strategies for getting yourself organized, and I'll go over my own personal methods.

  • JCAM 5 and 6

    JCAM 5 and 6

    Today I'll read Articles 5 and 6 of the Joint Contract Administration Manual.

  • Stuff You Missed in the M-41

    Stuff You Missed in the M-41

    The M-41 is the manual that describes the proper way for letter carriers to do their work. In this episode, I'll talk about some of the highlights from the M-41. Surely you've read it from cover to cover, but just in case it's been a while, allow me to refresh your memory on a few finer points.

  • JCAM 2 - 4

    JCAM 2 - 4

    This week's episode features another reading from the JCAM. We'll tackle Articles 2, 3, and 4. As with the first episode, I will read the quotes from the contract in a poorly done accent. Enjoy!

  • How to Stay out of Trouble

    How to Stay out of Trouble

    This week's episode is a general guide for staying off of management's radar. I'll go over the things carriers do that land then in hot water, and I'll talk about ways you can avoid being subject to discipline from management.