Podcast-A: A Paranormal Show

by C.L.A.S.S.-A Paranormal Team

A show where we discuss a variety of topics related to the natural world, physics, metaphysics, mythology, and philosophy! We're an Ottawa based scientific paranormal investigation and research team. We use every resource possible to attempt to debunk and disprove paranormal claims, using scientific methodology and skepticism - in hopes we can't!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Residual Vs. Intelligent Hauntings

    Residual Vs. Intelligent Hauntings

    How can you tell if you're experiencing spiritual residue or a trapped soul? Find out in this month's Podcast-A episode! We're sad to report this will be our last cast.

  • The Mischievous World of Mirrors

    The Mischievous World of Mirrors

    C.L.A.S.S.-A's Taylor & Sarah discuss what makes mirrors so creepy and whether the lore surrounding them may have some validity. They discuss personal experiences on investigations, as well as scientific theories for scary mirror experiences.

  • Digital Vs. Analog Equipment

    Digital Vs. Analog Equipment

    This month's episode features CLASS-A's tech department, discussing the pros and cons of analog vs digital equipment and how we leverage each to best suit the paranormal investigation field.

  • Precognition or Coincidence?

    Precognition or Coincidence?

    Sarah and Taylor of CLASS-A share strange personal accounts of psychic-type experiences, including premonitory dreams, gut instincts, synchronicities, and more! Mere coincidences...or more?

  • Astral Projection and Extended Consciousness

    Astral Projection and Extended Consciousness

    Spirit travel or vivid imagination? We take an immersive look at both sides in the new episode. Puts new meaning to being there in spirit!