Clash Studio Podcast

by Chrissy and Jeremy

Streaming from beautiful Oak Park, Sacramento, we are two best friends who are living together and raising a kid. (Yep, it's platonic!) We thought we'd throw our hats into the proverbial podcast ring since Chrissy's mom blog has tumbleweeds, people don't freaking read anymore, and we've still got opinions on just about EVERYTHING... And we usually disagree vehemently with each other. Welcome to the Madhouse, friends!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode #2: Reporting from the Bunker

    Episode #2: Reporting from the Bunker

    The hilarity (and technical glitches) continue. Damn you, GarageBand...You won't get the best of us! Reporting from our bunker in Oak Park, Sacramento. Day three? or four? of our quarantine... Time is already starting to melt together as Jeremy continues the world's longest West Wing marathon. We're going cabin crazy and talking all things Corona. Won't you join us for this very special apocalypse episode... *Episode note: Wet Market 60 Minutes feature - Please be sure to give us a holler in the comments. We hope everybody is staying safe and sane out there! Much love, Jer & Chrissy

  • Episode #1: "...A Slogan for the Ages"

    Episode #1: "...A Slogan for the Ages"

    In this installment of CSP, we're going Deep right out the gate... Drinking a little vino and discussing the importance of a "Just Do It!" philosophy on life. Cheesy? Hell, YES! But apropos to this podcast, sometimes you've just gotta jump into a project even when it's far from perfect. I'm sure we will look back on this pilot episode and laugh at our tin can acoustics. But hey, we're too cheap to buy microphones at this point. (Our studio also consists of a couple Tommy Bahama beach chairs and a toolbox that we're using as a desk...) ...Please be sure to follow us on YouTube and Instagram!