by Annika & Rithu

CHITTALK is an educational and self-development podcast hosted by Annika and Rithu, two women of colour living in Vancouver. Together, they use their platform to create a space for like-minded individuals that are curious and passionate about personal growth. They seek to challenge their listener’s mindsets by introducing special guests who have niche occupations and interests in a variety of industries, and who go against t... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E11 - In My Head (ft. Connor McCracken)

    S03 E11 - In My Head (ft. Connor McCracken)

    In this episode, Annika and Rithu chat with Connor McCracken about his mental health journey and activism, and how he followed his passion into becoming a freelance photographer and videographer.Empowered to make a change, Connor ...

  • S03 E10 - What's the Deal?

    S03 E10 - What's the Deal?

    With it being just over three years since the legalization of marijuana in Vancouver, Annika and Rithu talk about stereotypes and stigmas surrounding recreational drugs. They uncover the cultural differences between countries and ...

  • S03 E08 - Sexual Healing (ft. Danielle Bezalel)

    S03 E08 - Sexual Healing (ft. Danielle Bezalel)

    Birds and the bees, and all of your sexual reproductive health needs!Danielle Bezalel, Creator, Co-Producer, and Host of the successful “Sex Ed with DB” Podcast and Instagram, join the girls this week to chat about sex positivity....

  • S03 E08 - Soulmates

    S03 E08 - Soulmates

    Are we predestined to meet the love of our life? Can we actually find “the one”? In this week’s episode, they discuss how media, society and culture work together to shape mindsets around love and romance. Annika and Rithu explore...

  • S03 E07 - Money on My Mind (ft. Joss Biggins)

    S03 E07 - Money on My Mind (ft. Joss Biggins)

    Struggling to save up and wanting to begin investing? Or do you simply just wanna learn to become more financially savvy? Don’t worry, we got you!As an investment advisor & partner, Joss Biggins is your one-stop-shop for all of yo...