S01 E18 - Fear's control of Chi and you!

It's Chiiiiiii Time!!! by Silvia, the Chi whisperer

Fear is not your enemy, is also not your friend! It is the guide to keep you safe! But are you controlled by it?

Feb 04 2023

“It’s Chiiiiiii Time!” I’m your host Silvia, The Chi Whisperer.

Welcome to episode 18: Fear’s control of Chi and you!

Fear is one of the fundamental emotions hard-wired into our system, We experience it without even being taught. Fear is meant to protect us. Adequate fear enhances our Chi flow, helping us to be sharp and alert in handling the situation. Therefore, fear that matches the magnitude of the actual situation is helpful.

Overwhelming fear leads us to suppress fear and either reverse or stop our Chi flow, resulting in disconnection from the situation that prevents us from dealing with the situation effectively in an optimal way. Furthermore, the suppressed fear manifests in our body into physical, behavioral and emotional illness. So, the fear that mismatches the actual situati

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