S01 E14 - Purpose in life, part 2

It's Chiiiiiii Time!!! by Silvia, the Chi whisperer

When you feel good and enjoy what you do even when it’s hard, and feel good about yourself doing what you do, you have found your life purpose!

Dec 03 2022

It’s Chiiiiiii Time! I’m your host Silvia, The Chi Whisperer.

Welcome to episode 14: Purpose in life, part 2.

When we search for life purpose, we tend to look outwardly, expecting we’ll run into the purpose. This is not how chi works! Chi works for us when life purpose grows from within!

Figuring out life purpose is like putting a puzzle together, finding what we are good at and what we can contribute to the world. In regard to what we are good at, it depends largely on our inheritance and the environments we are exposed to.

Our inheritance is a huge reservoir containing the experiences of our ancestors. Environments and situations bring out aspects of our inheritance. The more diverse our experiences are, the more opportunities are provided for us to discover what we are good at, and

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