Embracing Failure and Finding Success | James Altucher on ChessMood Podcast

ChessMood Podcast by GM Avetik Grigoryan

Episode notes

In this episode of the ChessMood Podcast, our guest is James Altucher, a man who has turned his life around multiple times and achieved tremendous success in many fields! James is a serial entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, stand-up comedian, blogger, podcaster, and also a chess master! From building a fortune by selling his first company to hitting rock-bottom and even contemplating suicide at one point to making a comeback by achieving success across various domains, his story is a testament of resilience and fearlessness! In this episode with the host GM Avetik Grigoryan, James shares his unique strategies for success, his approach to overcoming life’s challenges, and all the lessons he learned through in his different careers that you can apply to your life and chess.Check out James Altucher here: Visit his official website:

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