The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on Healthcare & Pharma

Change Before Change by AESARA

Episode notes

On today's episode we will be discussing the inflation reduction act with Dr. Chad Patel (Head of US Strategic Partnerships) and Dr. Phoenix Riley (Visiting Scientist).

Time Stamps:

01:34 - 04:11 Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on the healthcare industry

04:29 - 08:06 Medicare criteria for drug price negotiations

08:22 - 11:26 Impact of IRA on the pharmaceutical industry

11:37 - 13:33 Potential consequences of IRA on research initiatives

13:49 - 16:49 Drug price reforms in Europe

17:05 - 18:27 Pharma's response to the IRA

18:41 - 20:37 Potential strategies in response to the IRA

Guest Bios:

Chad Patel

Chad has over 17 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and leadership primarily focused on field/payer facing role ... 

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