Special: Solidarity from Turtle Island to Palestine (p. 1 of 3)

Challenging Colonialism by Martin Rizzo-Martinez & Daniel Stonebloom

Episode notes

This three part series was inspired by the outpouring of solidarity statements and gatherings by Indigenous Californian communities. As a podcast focused on illuminating ongoing colonialism and genocide, we recognize that it is crucial to address the genocide happening right now in occupied Palestine and to stand in solidarity. Our podcast is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous communities who are frequently left out of official discourse. As such, it is important to amplify the voices of Palestinians right now, as the mainstream media fails to do so. This 3 part series is intended to amplify the voices of Palestinians and Indigenous Californians as they identify parallels between experiences of settler colonialism in both Palestine and California. We are grateful for the time and knowledge shared by our interviewees, and hope that t ... 

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