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Dispelling Myths About Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

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Episode notes

There are many discussions regarding who is the “right person” to use CGM. Healthcare professionals (HCPs), diabetes care and education specialists (DCES) and people living with diabetes (PWD) all have different experiences relating to what might be true and what might not be true.

We know there are barriers that impact technology adoption, and we also know through survey data that HCPs and PWD do not always align on these barriers to technology use.1 For example, in a survey, 46% of clinicians thought PWD do not understand what to do with the information from continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) or the features of the devices; but, less than 5% of PWD agreed. 1 And, while 35% of PWD reported they do not like having diabetes devices on their bodies, twice as many, 64% of HCPs reported that was an issue1. Finally, 24% of clinicians, ... 

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