Center Point Message . የሴንተር ፖይንት መልእክት Audio with Dr Girma E Lulu

by Dr Girma Ethafa Lulu

Audio Message with Dr. Girma Ethafa Lulu Center Point is aiming to educate and encourage all who are eager to learn and grow to achieve their dreams. We discuss on spiritual growth, effective leadership,building healthy family relationship, parenting and marriage, Your greatness is in you ! Don't hesitate to subscribe ! ሴንተር ፖይንት መልእክት በተለያዩ ኣርእስቶች ማለት በመንፈሳዊ ፣ ውጤታማ መሪ ስለመሆን ፣ስለ ጤናማ ትዳርና ስለ ቤተሰብ ኣያያዝ ጥበብ ላይ በየወሩ መልእክቶችን ...   ...  Read more

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