The Celtic History Podcast

by Jack Duncan

A narrative history podcast which will attempt a coherent narrative from the origins of the Celtic people's all the way up to the revival of Celtic languages in the modern era. Image from cover Provided by The British Museum Music Provided for intro/outro "Beyond the Warriors" by Guifrog

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Adapt or Die

    Adapt or Die

    This time we look at the transition from Hallstatt to Le Tene and to what extent it was a succession or a brand new trend. We also finish with a discussion on some Pan-Celtic gods The episode ends a bit abruptly due to technical issues so wasn't able to record a proper outro

  • Go West Vix me...

    Go West Vix me...

    This week we charge towards the end of the Hallstatt chronology and look West to the Princess of Vix! Please find me on Instagram at celtichistorypodcastYou are really missing a lot if you don't follow me there Music on this Episode was provided by: Guifrog & Aisling

  • Swords and Status

    Swords and Status

    Part 2 of "The Giant's Castle" as we follow Servus Tullius Priscus into the inner fortress of the Heunneburg and we get an inside peak into the Elite of the Hallstatt CeltsWe take a deep dive into sword craft and speculate about the societal strata of these complex yet tribal people

  • The Giant's Castle

    The Giant's Castle

    This week we dive into the Hallstatt Heights as we look at the Heuneburg or the "The Giants Castle!" Stay tuned to Instagram for relevant images in the days follow this episodes release.

  • Meanwhile...


    This episode we discuss the background characters who will be playing a major role in the development of the Hallstatt Celts and later La Tene and catch up what the west of the world has been up to while our Celts have been developing. Namely the ancient Bronze age cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and the early Iron Age cultures of the Western Mediterranean. This episode will be dived into Chapters to help break down the huge amount of new information. Apologies for the lack of effects on this episode, due to recording delays I did not have the time to commit to editing I usually do For social media links see below Links to Maps