Recruitment on the road–Life in Crescent City, CA and working at Pelican Bay State Prison

CDCR Unlocked by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Episode notes

In this week’s episode of CDCR Unlocked, Sgt. Corey Ringer heads to Pelican Bay State Prison, where he sat down with three longtime CDCR employees. In a new take on recruitment, the group talks less about the job itself and dives into what makes living in the Crescent City area great. And it’s not just beautiful scenery, although that is also a draw! What it really comes down to is the people and the community, which this group assures is top-notch.

Podcast Host: Krissi Khokhobashvili

Interviewer: Corey Ringer

Guests: Lieutenant James Clemons, Andrew Kauffman-Correctional Officer-Investigative Services Unit (ISU) & Linda Field-Senior Accounting Officer

Recorded on Jan.11, 2023

Produced by: Sgt. Corey Ringer with special assistance from Sg ... 

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