CDCR Office of Employee Wellness is committed to supporting staff

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Episode notes

Dr. Briana Rojas, Kathryn Jue, and Officer Jonathan Wilson from CDCR’s Office of Employee Wellness share valuable information about wellness resources available to staff and their families.

Mental health and wellness is a huge part of the department. That’s why CDCR is committed to making every effort possible to assist staff and their families with mental health.

Topics include:

  • CDCR Wellness app

  • Peer Support Program

  • Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Services program

  • and a variety of other services available to all staff, their families, and retired staff.

Episode recorded on April 20, 2022

Hosted by: Joe Orlando & Tessa Outhyse

Episode interviewer: Corey Ringer

Produced by: Corey Ringer & Dr. Briana Rojas