S01 E03 - CDCR Office of Employee Wellness is committed to supporting staff

CDCR Unlocked by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Dr. Briana Rojas, Kathryn Jue, and Officer Jonathan Wilson from CDCR’s Office of Employee Wellness share valuable information about wellness resources available to staff and their families.Mental health and wellness is a huge part of the department. That’s why CDCR is committed to making every effort possible to assist staff and their fam  ...  See more
Jul 14 2022

CDCR Office of Employee Wellness is committed to supporting staff

Joe Orlando – Welcome to CDCR Unlocked, I’m Joe Orlando.

Tessa Outhyse – And I’m Tessa Outhyse.

Joe Orlando - This is going to be interesting, because so many people within our institutions and here at headquarters have to learn to cope, have to deal with their stressors, have to understand how to do it, what it is they need to do, and who they can reach out to. One of those groups, Tessa, that is always there for everyone rather you’re in in an institution or you’re here at headquarters, or wherever you are concerning CDCR is the Office of Employee Wellness (OEW). I’m kind of excited to hear what these folks have to say and you know, what it all means, and what they do, and how they do it. So this is going to be fun.

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