S01 E04 - CCJBH celebrates 20 years of serving the justice-involved community

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In this episode, Brenda Grealish, Executive Officer of The Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (CCJBH) walks us through the past, present and future goals of the Council in recognition of it’s 20th anniversary.Grealish discusses how CCJBH councilmembers use their expertise and experiences to assist and advise the administrat  ...  See more
Jul 28 2022

Joe Orlando – Welcome to CDCR Unlocked, I’m Joe Orlando.
Tessa Outhyse – And I’m Tessa Outhyse.
Joe Orlando – This year the Council on Criminal justice and Behavioral Health, also known as CCJBH, is commemorating 20 years of service. CCJBH is a 12-member council comprised of 12 appointed expert representatives from criminal justice and behavioral health fields. It’s chaired by CDCR Secretary Kathleen Allison. CCJBH serves as a resource to assist and advise the administration and legislature on best practices, to reduce the incarceration of youth and adults with mental illness, and substance use disorders with special focus on prevention, diversion, and reentry strategies.
Tessa Outhyse – We’re joined by Brenda Grealish, Executive Officer of CCJBH. Grealish has held many positions in the

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