Day 10: Passages 38-46: Tilikum's Ascension 2024 Anniversary Reading (10 of 11)

Muses of a Channel ~CCStarseeds by ~CC Starseeds~. Connie Preston Parker

Episode notes

Blessings BEloved, here is Day 10 of 11 of Tilikum's Ascension Anniversary Reading 2024💝 YouTube or RSS feed @CCStarseeds or on my website (everything important goes there:} #ccstarseeds #ascensionseeds

Tilikum’s Ascension: I am again sharing an anniversary reading over 11 days: January 6- 16, 2024. In this gift, Tilikum comes through with channeled messages for us and updates us on how he is doing in a new life. Enjoy and Blessings, BEloved... YouTube and RSS feed @CCStarseeds

Tilikum's Ascension is a

truth-in-spirit tale about

a Killer Whale named

Tilikum. Captured by humans

he investigates where his soul

will go after his body dies.

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