Season 7 Episode 4: Resilient Ag at Purdue Ag Centers

CCSI-HAT Soil Health Podcast by Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative

Episode notes

Southeast Purdue Ag Center (SEPAC) Superintendent Joel Wahlman and Purdue Entomology research Christian Krupke talk about the work of establishing field-scale regenerative ag plots - alongside existing tillage systems. The projects not only incorporate no-till and cover crops, but also IPM to reduce insecticide and herbicide treatments as well as the impacts of seed treatments on the soil ecosystem. The plots will incorporate a long-term, multidisciplinary approach to research on acres much larger than "traditional research" and will be available for demonstration to farmers, landowners, and other stakeholders. At SEPAC, the long history of no-till and cover crop research makes the leap easier than some of the other PACs that have focused more heavily on higher tillage systems.

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