Season 7 - Episode 2: The Legacy of David Brandt

CCSI-HAT Soil Health Podcast by Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative

Episode notes

In this very special episode, David's son Jay Brandt talks with Oklahoma regenerative farmer-rancher Jimmy Emmons about the about the many seeds David planted across the globe and his lasting impact on farming. Not only did Dave's farming practices change the family farm's soil classification from a Cardigan Clay to a "different performing product", he changed the lives of countless people worldwide through his honesty, humility, and great sense of humor. Learn how David and Jay discussed the changes they were seeing on the farm - through a chemists lens and a farmers eye - and how he encouraged people like Jimmy to "just try it somewhere." Also learn about one of David's passions: working with the Dominican Sisters on the Fields of Sinsinawa (WI).

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