Season 6 Episode 11 - Grazing Croplands: Exchanges, Value-added Products, and Using Livestock to Manage Challenging Lands

CCSI-HAT Soil Health Podcast by Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative

Episode notes

Father-Son duo Cameron and Devon Churchill, Harrison County Indiana, are joined by Pete Huff, Wallace Center/Pasture Project for a slightly mind-bending conversation on grazing croplands. Just for a couple of teasers, the Churchill's have used intensive regenerative grazing to decrease round bale consumption in the cow calf operation from 2000+ to 700-750 bales! They are also turning cattle out into stalk ground after harvest to graze AND take advantage of hoof action to increase seed-soil contact of broadcast cover crops, improving stand establishment. Meanwhile, Huff provides information on additional resources - from grazing exchanges to practical management guides. Take a listen!

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