S01 E01 - Health Insurance Marketplace

Cass County, Illinois Healthcast by Cass County Health Department - Illinois

Want to more about how to sign up for insurance? Sit down with Kim and Sarah as they discuss the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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Dec 10 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to the Cass County Health Department’s healthcast where we focus on topics that pertain to health. In today's podcast we will be discussing health insurance, specifically the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Health insurance can be considered a barrier for people when it comes to healthcare. Between 2014 and 2019, a total of 11.4 million Americans selected a Marketplace insurance plan. When people cannot afford health insurance on their own, from their employer, or just in general the Marketplace can assist with health savings programs for those who qualify.

Here to help us learn more about the Marketplace is Sarah Christian, Community Health Worker Supervisor.

Hi Sarah, thank you for joining us today.

Sarah: Thanks for having me today!

Kim: I want to sta

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