Episode 12: Specialization in Law and Alternative Business Structures with Chris Zachar

Cases 4 Causes by Obu Interactive

Episode notes

In this episode of Cases 4 Causes, Chris Zachar, managing partner at the Zachar Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona, joins Obu Interactive's Jeremy Lynch and Michael Turner to discuss the importance of hiring a specialized attorney rather than a general practitioner for personal injury cases. He takes issue with large advertising law firms that claim to handle personal injury cases but do not have the expertise or willingness to file lawsuits if necessary.

Zachar also discusses the impact of alternative business structures (ABS) in Arizona, where non-lawyers can be part of the ownership group of law firms, and how this may contribute to the rise of advertising firms that do not take cases to trial. He emphasizes the importance of certified specialists in different areas of law and how this designation can help clients find the right attorney for ... 

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