S01 E08 - Small Paint Projects with a Big Impact

Cardinal Corner by Cardinal Home Center
In the mood to paint but don’t want to take on too big of a space? As we wrap up our paint series, Maggie talked with Steve Smith from our Crozet location to discover small paint projects that don’t take a lot of paint and supplies but can impact your space. View episode notes at https://www.cardinalcornerpodcast.com/episode-8-small-paint  ...  See more
May 05 2023
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Getting Started with Painting Trim00:00:52 - 00:01:31
Episode’s Chapters
  • 00:00:52 - 00:03:27
    00:00:52 - 00:03:27Painting Trim
  • 00:03:27 - 00:05:26
    00:03:27 - 00:05:26Accent Walls
  • 00:05:26 - 00:07:27
    00:05:26 - 00:07:27Painting Entryways

Welcome to Cardinal Corner, a podcast created by Cardinal Home Center. I'm your host, Maggie Glass. For the next episode in our paint series, we're going to be talking about small paint projects that have a big impact on your home. I'm joined here today with another one of our paint experts, Steve Smith. Thanks for being here today. Can you start by telling us about your background working with Cardinal and what you do here?

So working with Cardinal before I actually came to Cardinal, I remodeled houses and built houses from scratch. But when we were remodeling I also did finished painting as well. And then once they took on Benjamin Moore paints, I just kind of picked up on it as something different and unique and and every project was different. So it always kept you on your toes. And

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