S01 E05 - Kitchen Design Trends and Remodels

Cardinal Corner by Cardinal Home Center
It is sometimes said that kitchens are the heart of your home. While some use it as a major hub for entertaining, it is more often a gathering place for family and friends alike. Because we spend so much time in this area, it is worthwhile to make it your own. We talked with Dianna Campagna, a Certified Interior Decorator and Kitchen and  ...  See more
Jan 27 2023

Welcome back to Cardinal Corner, a podcast created by Cardinal Home Center. I'm your host, Maggie Glass. I'm here today with Dianna Campagna. Dianna, can you tell us how long you've been at Cardinal and what your role is.

I am a cabinet designer, interior decorator for Cardinal Home Center and I have been with the company for 16 years, but I have over 20 years of experience.

All right, let's jump in. On this episode, we'll be talking about the kitchen design trends and remodels to increase value. The first question I have is how do I go about planning my kitchen layout?

Let me ask you a couple of questions in concerning the kitchen layout.

Do you like to cook or do you like to entertain? Do you have a central area for prep? A lot of things to take into consideration. You always wan

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