S01 E04 - Choosing the Best Materials for Your Home

Cardinal Corner by Cardinal Home Center
We stopped by our Greenbrier Drive location in Charlottesville to talk to Judy Wagoner and Dianna Campagna, two of our design specialists. In this episode, we talked about how our designers walk customers through finding materials that will last in their home. Find episode notes and more information at CardinalCornerPodcast.com.Cardinal H  ...  See more
Jan 19 2023
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  • Choosing Materials Based on Your Forever Home00:02:11 - 00:02:54

Welcome back to Cardinal Corner, a podcast created by Cardinal Home Center. I'm your host, Maggie Glass. In our previous episode about new construction, we talked about how to pick materials that will last when building. This time we wanted to take a look inside and see how you can choose the right materials. I'm here today with Diana Campagna. Certified Interior Decorator, and kitchen designer and Judy Wagoner, our wallpaper expert. Thank you for being here today. To start, where should I start looking for inspiration?

I would say like magazines or Houzz or even like TV programs have them different stuff on them might interest you.

People also look at Pinterest, but I don't care for Pinterest that much because they make it look so easy. But I do. I agree with you. Houzz and TV I think

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