GP World Champion Freddie Spencer and Moto Journalist Nick Ienatsch

CanyonChasers Podcast by Dave, Alex and Mae

Episode notes

Three time, World Champion Freddie Spencer and famed Moto Journalist Nick Ienatsch are going to be dropping knowledge bombs left and right In this epic 88-minute podcast episode. You'll walk away with a whole new perspective on how to ride like a world champion.

Freddie Spencer is one of the most accomplished motorcycle racers in history, and his insights into the sport are invaluable. Nick Ienatsch, on the other hand, has been writing and teaching about motorcycles for over 30 years and is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable voices in the industry.

Freddie and Nick are going to be sharing their world-class riding advice that's sure to take your skills to the next level. From mastering your cornering technique to improving your braking skills, these two experts have got you covered.

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