Aroma Heresy - Testing Odor Thresholds in Cannabis | Cannabis Data Science #157

Cannabis Data Science by Cannlytics

Episode notes

👃 Want to test sacred assumption about aromas of terpenes commonly found in cannabis? We take it a sniff further and examine user sentiment of aromas, i.e. what aromas do people love. And then we can test if any of the chemicals found in the product may be contributing to the aroma. We have a growing dataset of actual cannabis users, with matching lab results for their products, and rich text data from which we are avidly extracting data with AI! Join us and join in the bounty of 3,500 OpenAI API calls, 9,000+ lab results, and 1,750+ posts about cannabis by medical cannabis users. Plus, we can talk about descheduling hearsay too! Bring your best thoughts, comments, questions, ideas, data, statistics, research, or anything at all and let's make it a meetup for the history books! See you soon! 🤝 Join the fun, data wrangling, and analytics in the  ... 

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