Tracking 2,000 Terpene Tests by TerpLife Labs | Cannabis Data Science #135

Cannabis Data Science by Cannlytics

Episode notes

🦎 Hard-to-reach fruit is always so sweet! We now have one of the largest datasets of terpene tests that exists in the public domain. This required quite the feat, but with the help of AI, think John Henry plus the steam engine, we were able to collect 2,000 terpene tests by TerpLife Labs. Watch, learn, listen, draw insights, ask questions, and help advance cannabis science! 🤝 Join the fun, data wrangling, and analytics in the Cannabis Data Science meetup, every Wednesday at 8:30am PST | 10:30am CDT | 11:30am EST. https://www.meetup.com/cannabis-data-science/ 🧑‍💻 Find the data and source code: https://github.com/cannlytics/cannabis-data-science 💸 Support the group:

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