From Stoicism to Self-expression: Lindsay McDonell's Journey with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Cancer U Thrivers by Cancer U

Episode notes

In today’s powerful episode, we are honored to have Lindsay McDonell share her inspiring journey with metastatic breast cancer. Lindsay takes us through her initial diagnosis, the setbacks she faced, and the remarkable strategies she developed to navigate her illness.

From the moment Lindsay’s tests came back positive for cancer, she suspected the presence of cancer stem cells. After a double mastectomy, her intuition was confirmed. Lindsay’s relentless advocacy for her health led her to research a unique symptom called numb chin syndrome, which she discussed with her oncologist. Despite initial dismissal, her tenacity paid off as further scans revealed the heartbreaking progression of her cancer.

As Lindsay grappled with her own need for understanding and support, she explored the power of effective communication and challenged the  ... 

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