Merlin and King Arthur with Mark Olly

California Haunts Radio by Charlotte Kosa

Episode notes

According to Amazon, "Imagine the most popular heroic story ever written, one which spans three millennia & goes to the very heart of the largest religion in the world, but which has now almost entirely devolved into myth. Ignored & avoided by the establishment, shunned & unexplored by archaeologists & historians, consigned to the back-rooms of academic study, yet everyone knows the characters & the plot - the tales of King Arthur & his Knights Of The Round Table.

But no-one knows the reality! Or do they?

Suppose everything you thought you knew about King Arthur was invented by an invading foreign power unsympathetic to the truth & seeking to subvert & overthrow a long & ancient existing regime? Suppose the incredible truth was a story so strong & so mysterious that it could support an entire na ... 

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