Episode 4 | Alexis Williams: Importance of Mentorship

The Congressional Award Podcast: Elevating DC Youth by Café Radio Podcast

Episode notes

Alexis began her award journey when a mentor at Beaches Habitat told her about the program and signed her up. Through this mentor she was able to work with multiple students at all levels of the Award and grow as an individual as well as network with her peers. During her Award journey she was able to work with the nonprofit Junior Achievement, where she was able to reach her personal development goals by focusing on financial literacy and business development. Because of this focus on business and financial literacy, she has been inspired to one day start her own business. After the Award she studied communications at the University of North Florida and began her career in public relations and nonprofits. She is now working as an executive assistant at a Corporate SolutionsTech which was inspired by her STEM Star Award. To her the mentorship asp ... 

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