Episode 11: The Return

By Way of the Sea: A Regency Era Audio Drama by EraLore Studios

Episode notes

After a few days apart, tempers have cooled and Silas invites Elena to a breakfast. Insistent they all eat together, Elena goes to gather Kwesi from the waterfall. When she finds him, he is undressed which sparks curiosity and a heartfelt confession. But the moment is interrupted by Bahia. Elena runs back to camp to see Jeremiah has returned with a ship. To his heart ache, he learns his darling Lucia has passed. And in the wake of the realization, they must decide what lies ahead for each of them.

Episode 11 is the last full episode before listeners can "choose their own" pre-determined, mini-endings!


Brenna Patzer as Elena

Gervais Weekes as Kwesi

Enzo Leone as Silas

John R Smith Jnr as Captain Jeremiah

Sunny Snow as Bahia


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