Episode 9: The Dance

By Way of the Sea: A Regency Era Audio Drama by EraLore Studios

Episode notes

Kwesi offers a bit of advice to Elena, sharing in his village’s traditions of celebrating life, instead of mourning death. After breaking down in tears and opening his hardened heart to Elena, Silas agrees to join in a fireside ritual to dance Lucia into the afterlife. Once she is buried, they raise many-a-glass of whiskey in her honor, toasting all the wonderful memories they made and shared together. Then, lying and laughing in the sand in a drunken haze, they reflect on life and Lucia.


Brenna Patzer as Elena

Enzo Leone as Silas

Gervais Weekes as Kwesi

Sunny Snow as Bahia

EPISODE COVER ART:"Dancing Flame" by Chiara Moreni'

By Way of the Sea' is produced by Eralore Studios and written, directed, sound produced, and musically composed by Ashley Snow.

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