Episode 8: The Beans

By Way of the Sea: A Regency Era Audio Drama by EraLore Studios

Episode notes

Elena, Kwesi, and Bahia connect down at the shoreline while Silas tends to Lucia’s injury. With his knowledge in medicine, Kwesi offers to help Lucia, only to discover her scratch is actually a snake bite. He urges Silas and Elena to harvest a special bean to help aide her recovery, and they rush into the jungle to help. While searching, Silas finally opens up, sharing his life’s story. And in a moment of tenderness, they kiss... before rushing back to Lucia’s side.


Brenna Patzer as Elena

Karina Hilleard as Lucia

Enzo Leone as Silas

Gervais Weekes as Kwesi

Sunny Snow as Bahia

EPISODE COVER ART:"Guiding Light" by Amylili

'By Way of the Sea' is produced by Eralore Studios and written, directed, sound produced, and musically composed by Ashley Snow.