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by Marcus Tuttle

Market trends and real estate news as well as up to date tips and best practices for buying or selling real estate.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Ep.4 - Real estate market report. April 15, 2021

    Ep.4 - Real estate market report. April 15, 2021

    Here is the audio from my first streaming video. I am keenly interested in what will happen in the coming months and year. Could the market crash? I have researche some of the published information to try and predict future trends. Historically low real estate inventory is causing anxiety with those interested in buying a house and those interested in using real estate as a business model. Low interest rates as well as institutional buyers entering the single family residential real estate market has created a highly competitive market place. If you are interested in a successful real estate transaction follow my channel. I will attempt to break down the national trends of the day. Is there predictable way to understand what real estate market will do in 2021?

  • Ep.3 What is Zillow doing? Plus, Mike Reilly, President of Introlend First Cloud

    Ep.3 What is Zillow doing? Plus, Mike Reilly, President of Introlend First Cloud

    Big data companies have entered the real estate space with Zillow, Redfin,, Realogy, etc. What does that mean for the agent/customer relationship? Change for sure, definitely more data for the consumer. I predict that the data platforms will want to assign a door opener to your transaction..we'll see. Meanwhile, continue to inform yourself at Mike Reilly also joins us to talk about his mortgage lending platform where lenders compete for your business.

  • Ep. 2 Cousin Matt sells a house in Austin and moves to Denver

    Ep. 2 Cousin Matt sells a house in Austin and moves to Denver

    Matt Skinner made a lifestyle move 4 months ago with his wife Laura to the Denver/Boulder Colorado area. Desiring a change from a more rural suburban area west of Austin they chose Colorado for a lifestyle near the mountains and closer to fun stuff like restaurants and entertainment. Now they have entered a very competitive real estate market and are in the middle of this search. We talk about some of trials and successes along this journey. *********************************************************************************************************************** If you'd like to search for houses nationwide visit my website and download my Millions Mapped mobile app with no commercials and the added benefit of large information companies not recording your personal info for the purpose of selling it. There are also other resources on my page such as a loan link if you are interested in a purchase or refi. Invite your favorite local lender to participate in the bid process. One application allows a finance manager to shop your loan qualifications to several lenders to compete for your business..AND you will ultimately decide which lender your needs better. Here is the link to apply: Save time and headaches with your next move by using Utilities Connect. One simple application gets you a moving concierge who will give you all of your utility options as well as moving guides and local resources like schools and activities. Amazingly this FREE. The service is paid for by the utility companies and any costs are not passed on to you. It is the same price as if you would have spent the hours shopping for yourself. Access this service here:

  • Ep.1 What's going on with the economy?

    Ep.1 What's going on with the economy?

    Welcome to the 1st episode. My goal is real value..visit my website: for additional resources. You are welcome to view additional video on youtube: