Episode 123- Notes from the Underground- Homosexuality and the Bible- Part 2

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Tiziana Severse is back in the studio to continue her study of Homosexuality and the Bible. The term "sodomite" has been used in society to describe the sexual sins of the people of Sodom, who were destroyed by a raining hail of fire, along with the city of Gomorrah. Taking a microscope to the scriptures and the way in which they describe the sins of Sodom, surprisingly they never mention the sexual sins that we so commonly think of regarding the Genesis account of the city's destruction. Tiziana carefully seeks out what the true definition of "sodomite" is according to the scriptures themselves. Listen in to hear one of the largest deep dives we've ever done on our Notes segment. Thanks for listening! TRIGGER WARNING: There are moments where we mention sexual and child sexual abuse. Parental Supervision is suggested. NOTE: We are a conversation  ... 

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