Episode 122- Dr. Sam Frost Friday- Part 2- Our Heavenly Home, Days in Past and Future

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes
In Part 2, Dr. Sam Frost joins us in Giraffe Studio to continue our discussion of why he left Full Preterism and endeavored to seek out scholarship to assist him in understanding what he found in the scriptures he could not explain. Rick Welch asks him a question in regard to the description of heaven and if the events mentioned in Revelation are in fact future, what does that look like. At the end of the Revelation of Jesus Christ the new city comes down with 12 gates that are always open. Outside are the sinful ones. Yet the gates are not shut. What does this mean? When the Spirit and the Bride say "Come", are they calling on the sinful to come into the city? Is this conversion? The discussion moves into the Hebrew mind and the use of the Greek language as well as what Dr. Frost states as "the reason for the creeds". We appreciate you listening to ...   ...  Read more
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